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February 3, 2017
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April 5, 2017
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Do you travel mindfully on your journeys? According to blogger Paula Gardner, this involves being truly present in the moment to better experience its full richness. Here’s her 5-step guide:

  1. Use your senses
    Notice sounds you’ll remember long after you get back (cicadas starting, open fires crackling, waves lapping) or smells that conjure up your time away (tuk-tuk fumes, orange blossom, that post-rain aroma). Markets are fantastic places to indulge your senses. Close your eyes to really tune in.


  1. Record your journey
    Play around with journalling visual descriptions, writing poems or even chronicling your emotional state. Alternatively, compile a visual journal, with photos that capture the moment or quick sketches.


  1. Schedule alone time
    Even small blocks of time on your own will deepen your experience. You can concentrate on what interests you, with no one else to disturb or distract you.


  1. Frequent the same place
    By visiting the same cafe for lunch every day, you’ll get to know the staff and locals, who are more likely to let you into their lives and give you an insider view of their.


  1. Just watch
    When travelling, practise observing, rather than rushing to make sense or a story out of a situation, or even worse, making judgements.


From Wanderlust magazine, February 2015

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