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Best Travel Guidebooks for Kyoto

Travelling to Kyoto? Here are our recommended travel guidebooks to help you get the most of your adventure.

Best for first time visitors to Kyoto

Best for shoppers

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Kyoto Precincts: A Pocket Guide to the City's Best Cultural Hangouts, Shops, Bars and Eateries

In this pocket-size travel guide, seasoned travellers Steve and Michelle offer a curated list of the very best cultural, shopping, eating and drinking experiences in Kyoto. There are also a selection of 'field trips' that encourage you to venture outside the city, and a fold-out map to make touring a breeze. With a beautiful design, vibrants images and detailed reviews, you’ll easily navigate the city’s ancient pathways, through to its bonsai gardens.

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Best for walkers

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Kyoto: 29 Walks in Japan's Ancient Capital

To experience the essence of Kyoto, you must walk its avenues and streets, its alleys and byways. Only in this way can you appreciate the true spirit of the place—its quiet lanes and bustling main thoroughfares, and the juxtaposition of traditional and modern houses and shops, serene gardens and holy temples and shrines. This book presents 29 easy–to–follow walking tours through Kyoto's history, its many unique districts and scenic areas full of charm and character. You'll discover not only the most renowned sites, such as the Silver Pavilion, the rock garden at Ryoan–ji Temple and the garden of the Heian Shrine, but also little–known areas off the beaten track.

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