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At Latitude Books, we believe books can enrich your travel experience well before you hop on a plane. And we?re not just talking here about guidebooks. A novel can stimulate the imagination and help you develop a picture of a place in your mind. There?s nothing like getting lost in a great travel memoir as you prepare to take a journey of your own. History books, culture studies and biographies can take you into the heart and soul of a place.

We?ve handpicked a selection of books that capture the spirit of a place. The list for each destination includes fiction and travel writing, and may also include history, cultural studies, biographies and more. We?re continually adding to the destinations covered. If we haven?t got a list of recommended books for your destination, please email us and we?ll send you our suggestions. We may have missed your favourite book for a particular destination. If so, please send us your book recommendations.

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