Australia’s Best 100 Walks

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A great walk can be an exhilarating experience that will stay with you forever. Perhaps you’re stirred by endless mountain views or soothed by stepping into a living green cathedral. Maybe the challenge drives you harder and further than you thought possible. Sometimes you’ll find yourself in the presence of an unfamiliar bird or a stunning view and feel a sense of wonder. There’s always magic to be found when walking. Fortunately, Australia is full of extraordinary walks. Australia?s Best 100 Walks is Australian Geographic’s collection of what they believe to be the very best to be found in every corner of our country.

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How does anyone choose a country?s best 100 walks? For this book, the editors looked for walks they deemed to be ?exhilarating or deeply satisfying?. The walks include city walks, walks just a few hour?s drive from population centres and walks that are remote and in a variety of environments.

Each walk is graded with a level of difficulty. Easy walks are those that any reasonably fit person could manage without much effort. Medium walks may have some tricky sections or conditions and be by long and fatiguing, requiring some effort for a reasonably fit person. Hard walks are only for very fit and experienced walkers.

The descriptions and maps are not intended for navigation. Rather than a detailed walking guide, this book is intended to inspire you to get out and explore the walks that are available around the country. Detailed track notes and maps are available from national parks and walking guides, while topographic maps may be needed for some of the more challenging walks. Latitude Books stocks maps and walking guides for some of the walks listed.

The current COVID-19 crisis means we can?t get out and explore these walks right now, but you can start dreaming of some walks you might do once this pandemic is over. Australia?s Best 100 Walks will provide wonderful inspiration during this time of forced isolation. Grab your copy today from Latitude Books. We’re still delivering to your door with free postage.

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