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  • animalphabet 500x677 - Animalphabet


    An exquisitely colourful exploration of the animal world with fold out flaps and shaped pages, written as an entertaining guessing game by the bestselling Julia Donaldson.

  • australian birds - Australian Birds

    Australian Birds

    Acclaimed artist Matt Chun showcases 16 remarkable Australian bird species that have captured the imagination of the world.

  • australian sea life - Australian Sea Life

    Australian Sea Life

    Matt Chun takes to the oceans to explore Australia’s most fascinating sea creatures, from the great white shark to the tiny soldier crab.

  • the flag book - Lonely Planet Kids The Flag Book

    Lonely Planet Kids The Flag Book

    Lonely Planet Kids introduces you to the flags of every country in the world, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, and tells you what their design, colours, and images represent, along with lots of other incredible facts.

  • the big world of fun facts - Lonely Planet Kids The Big World of Fun Facts

    Lonely Planet Kids The Big World of Fun Facts

    The Big World of Fun Facts from Lonely Planet Kids is a bumper book of amazing facts and stories from around the world.

  • lonely planet kids animal facts 500x464 - Lonely Planet Kids Animal Atlas

    Lonely Planet Kids Animal Atlas

    Explore the animal kingdom like never before with the Animal Atlas from Lonely Planet Kids.

  • carmichaels journey 500x587 - Carmichael's Journey

    Carmichael’s Journey

    Carmichael’s Journey follows the migration of Carmichael the Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo who, along with his parents, takes the long journey to the species’ coastal feeding grounds.

  • dreaming of australia a to z 500x552 - Dreaming of Australia A-Z

    Dreaming of Australia A-Z

    A delightful Australian alphabet that travels the country highlighting the expected and unexpected.

  • footprints in the clouds - Footprints in the Clouds

    Footprints in the Clouds

    A magic-filled story that illustrates the power of imagination.

  • wildlife winter games 500x500 - The Wildlife Winter Games

    The Wildlife Winter Games

    Competing against each other in 10 winter sporting events are a selection of Arctic and Antarctic creatures that are experts on snow and ice.

  • ivy bird 500x554 - Ivy Bird

    Ivy Bird

    Introducing an aviary of beautiful birds to little ones, Ivy Bird is a celebration of nature, friendship, and the love and comfort found in feathering the nest.

  • whose nose do you suppose 500x462 - Whose Nose Do You Suppose?

    Whose Nose Do You Suppose?

    Invites children to guess which animal each nose belongs to and then to learn a variety of facts about each animal.

  • windcatcher 500x388 - Windcatcher: Migration of the Short-tailed Shearwater

    Windcatcher: Migration of the Short-tailed Shearwater

    Based on birds that live on Griffith Island, near Port Fairy, Victoria, Windcatcher is a tale of migration, conservation and survival that begins with one small bird called Hope.

  • beauty 500x481 - Beauty


    Beauty is a story that celebrates the importance of trees, community and the relationships that nurture us all.

  • trouble in the surf 500x459 - Trouble in the Surf

    Trouble in the Surf

    Trouble in the Surf brings to life a true story of friendship, drama and heroic acts of bravery set in Sydney Town in 1907.

  • cunning crow 500x378 - Cunning Crow

    Cunning Crow

    With colour photos of glorious gliders, darting dunnarts, minute microbats and more, this book is full of fun facts about animals that use tree hollows as places for resting, nesting or hiding.

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