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Three Letters from the Andes

In the 1970s, celebrated travel writer Patrick Leigh Fermor set off to the Andes with five friends. He recounts the thrilling, occasionally moving journey in a series of letters back home to his wife.

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In 1971 the celebrated traveller Patrick Leigh Fermor accompanied five friends on a remarkable journey into the high Andes of Peru. His adventure took him from Cuzco to Urubamba, on to Puno and Juli on Lake Titicaca, down to Arequipa and finally back to Lima. The expedition was led by a writer and poet and the party included a Swiss international skier and jeweller, a social anthropologist from Provence and a Nottinghamshire farming squire - all seasoned mountaineers. The other two participants - the author himself and a botany-loving duke - were complete novices. As the group travelled from Lima into increasingly remote parts of the country, Leigh Fermor captured their experiences in a series of letters to his wife. Whether recounting the thrill of crossing a glacier, the rigours of campsite life under a blanket of snow, their lively encounters with locals or the strangely moving sight of a lone condor circling in the sky, the author vividly conveys the excitement of discovery and the intense uniqueness of the land.

Book Title

Three Letters from the Andes

Book Author

Patrick Leigh Fermor

Book Category

Travel Writing


John Murray Publishers


John Murray Publishers




Travel Writing




188mm x 128mm

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January 2005



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