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The Lost Heart of Asia

In this classic account, Thubron recounts his travels through Central Asia in the wake of the breakup of the Soviet Union. This is an outstanding insight into the history, people and culture of the region.

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This is a travel book on the newly emergent countries of central Asia, which contain the magical cities of Bukhara and Samarkand, the Kazakh Steppes, the deserts of Karakum and the Pamir Mountains. This is an enormous land, as big as Western Europe, secret, turned in on itself, heart of the Great Mongol Empire of Tamerlane, Route of Silk roads and scene of Stalin's cruellest deportations. Colin Thubron travelled by train, bus, car and foot throughout the former Moslem Republics, and this is the story of his encounters with their people, landscape and past. Central Asia, which since 1917 has been almost unknown, has become doubly important with the collapse of the Soviet Union. This book is a search into the region's fragmented identity and the crisis of the many once- dominant Russians who remain. Will central Asia fall prey to the Moslem fundamentalism of its neighbour, Iran, or revert to communism, or push into capitalism?


Colin Thubron was born in London in 1939. He left publishing to travel - mainly in Asia and North Africa, where he made documentary films which were shown on BBC and world television. Afterwards, he returned to the Middle East, and wrote five books on the Area. In 1984, the Book Marketing Council nominated him one of the twenty best contemporary writers on travel.


'I would rather read Colin Thubron than any other travel writer' John Simpson, Daily Telegraph

'Thubron's journey takes him through a spectacular, talismanic geography of desert and mountain...a whole glittering, terrible and romantic history lies abandoned along with thoughts of more prosperous times...Thubron's grasp of this fantastical past is impeccable, and he weaves its mysteries with modern images into dazzling embroidery' The Times

'Thubron writes with an originality and vividness that few contemporary authors can match' Independent

Book Title

The Lost Heart of Asia

Book Author

Colin Thubron

Book Category

Travel Writing


Random House






Travel Writing




198mm x 128mm

Date Published

June 2004





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