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April 25, 2020
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April 25, 2020
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The Anzac Girls

The harrowing, dramatic and profoundly moving story of the Australian and New Zealand nurses who served in the Great War.

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By the end of the Great War, forty-five Australian and New Zealand nurses had died on overseas service and over two hundred had been decorated. These were the women who left for war looking for adventure and romance but were soon confronted with challenges for which their civilian lives could never have prepared them. Their strength and dignity were remarkable. Using diaries and letters, Peter Rees takes us into the hospital camps and the wards, and the tent surgeries on the edge of some of the most horrific battlefronts of human history. But he also allows the friendships and loves of these courageous and compassionate women to shine through and enrich our experience. Profoundly moving, Anzac Girls is a story of extraordinary courage and humanity shown by a group of women whose contribution to the Anzac legend has barely been recognised in our history. Peter Rees has changed that understanding forever.


Author's note

GALLIPOLI 1 The big adventure 2 Relative relations 3 Different rules 4 The prelude 5 Gallipoli 6 Blooded 7 Not much comfort to a mother 8 Heartily sick of it 9 The Kiwis arrive 10 None of the old smallness in it 11 Broken bodies 12 Tears in the dark 13 The shabby sisters

THE MARQUETTE 14 Alone in the Aegean 15 'We thought they would let us die!' 16 No time for mock modesty 17 The price of sacrifice

THE WESTERN FRONT 18 The first Anzac service 19 Waiting for Harry 20 Harry's letter 21 Grasping for hope 22 The chill of war 23 No place to hide 24 Bombs and basins 25 Desolation 26 Survival 27 Gifts for France 28 Conscription 29 It's something big, Sister 30 The struggle ends 31 The fifth New Year 32 The aftermath

Australian World War I nurses honour roll
New Zealand World War I nurses honour roll

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The Anzac Girls


Allen & Unwin


Allen & Unwin






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March 2016



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