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Migration : Exploring the remarkable journeys of birds

An exploration of incredible avian journeys and the birds that make them.

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Flight has fascinated humans since we first looked into the sky and saw birds on the wing, and no flights are more fascinating than the extraordinary migrations birds make every day, week, month, and season of the year.

Migration explores how birds make these incredible expeditions. From first preparing to migrate, to the different types of migration and the compelling reasons why it is a must. From the high-flying adventures of bar-headed geese that soar above the Himalayan Mountains and the long-distance endurance of Arctic terns that travel from pole-to-pole, birds of all families, from vast seasonal migrators to more casual nomad, will be explored.

As readers migrate through the book’s pages, they will also discover avian navigation, curious routes, the hazards of the journey, and why, occasionally, birds end up far from their original destination. Beautifully illustrated, this book will debunk the most outrageous myths about migration as it thoroughly travels the globe exploring the epic journeys these incredible birds make.

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Migration : Exploring the remarkable journeys of birds


Quadrille Publishing


Quadrille Publishing


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185mm x 135mm

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May 2020



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