lonely planet pocket charleston savannah 80x80 - Lonely Planet's Best Ever Travel Tips
Lonely Planet Pocket Charleston & Savannah
December 23, 2018
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Lonely Planet The Vanlife Companion
December 23, 2018
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Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips

Packed with trade secrets, this pocket-size book will help you have better, safer, cheaper trips – wherever you’re heading.

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Lonely Planet’s pocket-sized bestseller is back, packed with great ideas, insider advice, tricks and trade secrets to help you win at travel, from scoring that elusive upgrade to staying safe on the road. We’ve spoken to dozens of seriously clued-up travel gurus including industry experts, travel writers and Lonely Planet staff, so we can pass on their advice to you, wherever you’re heading, whatever your budget.Fully revised and updated, Lonely Planet’s Best Ever Travel Tips is here to help you have a better, safer and cheaper trip. You’ll find tips on everything from booking flights and hotels to nutrition and responsible travel – all brought to life with colourful illustrations. Now features sections on tech, mindfulness, social accommodation, ethical travel and lots more.Travel tips include:

  • How to travel light
  • Learn the art of bundle wrapping
  • The truth about flight upgrades
  • Tricks for online hotel booking
  • Vegan and gluten-free travel
  • How to beat jet lag
  • On the road remedies
  • Fitness hacks for travellers
  • Haggle like a master
  • World tipping chart
  • Travelling plastic-free
  • Curb your fear of flying
  • Avoiding theft and scams
  • How to travel responsibly
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Lonely Planet's Best Ever Travel Tips


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November 2018



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