the wheels on the bus 80x80 - Little Hector and the Big Idea
The Wheels on the Bus
September 4, 2020
little hector and the big blue whale 80x80 - Little Hector and the Big Idea
Little Hector and the Big Blue Whale
September 4, 2020
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Little Hector and the Big Idea

Little Hector takes on a huge challenge – fishing nets and plastic rubbish are endangering his beautiful bay. The situation seems impossible when, suddenly, the tiny dolphin has a big idea…

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Little Hector schemes to stop his bay being spoiled with bottles, bags, and dangerous tangling nets.

Little Hector's games with his friends keep getting spoilt. When it's not by dangling, tangling fishing nets, it's by a mess of plastic trash. He wants to make the bay safe for all the marine creatures to play in again - but how will one little dolphin tackle such a BIG problem?

Find out what we can all do to help keep our coastal waters beautiful and safe for Little Hector and his friends in this delightful sequel to Little Hector and the Big Blue Whale.

For children aged 3-7

Book Title

Little Hector and the Big Idea


Penguin NZ


Picture Puffin






228mm x 215mm

Date Published

September 2019



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