itm ho chi mink vietnam map 80x80 - ITM Palestine & Jerusalem Map
ITM Ho Chi Minh City & Vietnam South Map
November 1, 2019
itm jersusalem holy land map 80x80 - ITM Palestine & Jerusalem Map
ITM Jerusalem & Holy Land Map
November 1, 2019
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ITM Palestine & Jerusalem Map

This double-sided map features the areas of the West Bank and Gaza Strip on one side and a detailed map of Jerusalem on the other.

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This is a new title for ITMB and the first time a separate map for that portion of the area known as Palestine and controlled by Palestinians has been published. This is essentially an attempt to show a political reality that exists, in that no one denies that both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip exist, albeit as a tightly-controlled entity that is not a country in the traditional sense of the word but is, nonetheless the homeland of millions of people and a self-governing entity. Jerusalem has been shown as an entity, without a border, in order to emphasize its importance as a unifying point of three great religions. Barricades do exist within the city, but these exist mostly to prevent clashes and reduce frictions. Geographically, to fit both the southerly Gaza Strip area and the northerly West Bank portion together, it has been necessary to include large portions of Israel proper. The border has been shown for purposes of illustration only and in a generalized manner to represent reality and is not intended to indicate what would normally be a properly-defined border between nation states.

Scale 1:200,000 / 1:10,000

Map opens out to 1000mm x 690mm

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ITM Palestine & Jerusalem Map


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250mm x 100mm

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August 2019

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