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July 5, 2020
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Culture Smart! Uzbekistan

Culture Smart! Uzbekistan is an illuminating and practical guide to Uzbek culture and society. It will help you turn your visit – whether it’s for business or for pleasure – into a memorable and enriching experience.

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Uzbekistan is a fascinating country inhabited by kind, open, and hospitable people, and it deserves to be better known in the world. Although recently some progress has been made in this regard, it is still usually presented as a glamorous “Oriental” place, and this is understandable. Of course, tiled minarets, bright shawls, and hot flatbreads are exotic and attractive, but there is so much more to it!

Uzbekistan is an exciting mixture of different cultural traditions, from Persian to Turkic, from European and Russian, to the contemporary globalised amalgam. In this book, we have set out to give you an insight into the inner life of Uzbekistan and its people, and to highlight and offer advice on those things that might be unfamiliar, strange, or unclear to visitors.

Ultimately, Culture Smart! Uzbekistan is about the people who form a mosaic of different historic, ethnic, class, educational, and cultural backgrounds. While it may not be easy to navigate through all these complexities, it is definitely worth the effort. Come to Uzbekistan prepared, and you will be well rewarded!

Contents include

  • local customs, values, and traditions
  • historical, religious, and political background
  • life at home
  • leisure, social, and cultural life
  • eating and drinking
  • dos, don'ts, and taboos
  • business practices
  • communication, spoken and unspoken
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Culture Smart! Uzbekistan






Culture & Society




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February 2016



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