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Culture Smart! New Zealand

Culture Smart! New Zealand is an illuminating and practical guide to Kiwi culture and society.

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Culture Smart! New Zealand offers insights into a country that is reflecting on its identity, having shed its colonial past and now moving from a bicultural society (Maori and European) toward a new multiculturalism. Despite the challenges ahead, New Zealand society is resilient, underpinned by the values of anti-materialism, tolerance, patience, and commonsense, and driven by a shared passion about being a Kiwi. Not by chance was New Zealand chosen to represent Tolkien's ancient Middle-Earth in the film trilogy The Lord of the Rings. New Zealand is remote, and even sometimes inadvertently left off world maps. This remoteness might be one of its greatest assets. It is off the beaten track, with a wilderness of World Heritage national parks to explore—embracing ice-carved fiords, lakes, valleys, and towering mountains; lush lowland forests and limestone canyons. Set against this stunning background are the New Zealanders, who, not surprisingly, are passionate about their country and the quality of life it offers. Kiwis, as they are affectionately known, are friendly, helpful, and fiercely equalitarian. All great companions for enjoying the prowess of the All Blacks rugby team in action!

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Culture Smart! New Zealand






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February 2017



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