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Crazy River : A Plunge into Africa

A thrilling story of three months in the most remote spot Tanzania, the Malagarasi river, the ‘river of bad spirits’.

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No-one travels like the renowned writer-adventurer Richard Grant and, really, no-one should. Having narrowly escaped death at the hands of Mexican drug barons in Bandit Roads, he now plunges with his trademark recklessness and curiosity into Africa.

Setting out to make the first descent of a previously unexplored river in Tanzania, he gets waylaid by thieves, whores and a degenerate former golf pro in Zanzibar, then crosses the Indian Ocean in a cargo dhow before the real adventure begins on the Malagarasi river.

Travelling by raft, dodging bullets, hippos, lions and crocodiles, hacking through swamps and succumbing to fevers, Grant's gripping, illuminating and often hilarious book will thrill his devoted readers and bring him to an even broader audience.

Book Title

Crazy River : A Plunge into Africa


Little Brown Book Group




Travel Writing




198mm x 129mm

Date Published

January 2013



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