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Bradt Mongolia

This updated edition includes fascinating background information on the development of the Mongolian identity from the time of Genhis Khan to the present day, and all the practical details you’ll need to prepare for your adventure.


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Open to the Western world since 1990, the 'Land of Blue Sky' is one of the few places on earth where travellers can tread on undiscovered ground and explore with a true sense of adventure. Homeland of the greatest conqueror of all time, Genghis Khan, vast tracts can be discovered on horse or camel, or in the comfort of a four-wheel drive. Written by Mongolian expert, Jane Blunden, this updated guide highlights its culture and customs, including the deel, the colourful national dress, herding rules and customs, Mongolian throat singing and Naadam, the annual celebration of wrestling, archery and horse-riding. For visitors keen to sample the unique pleasures of staying with nomads, she also explains how and where to experience the traditional lifestyle of a Mongolian ger. The guide offers tips on riding and biking tours, winter dog sledding and summer yoga camps and provides in-depth information on national parks and conservation. Wildlife tours and visits based around Buddhist temples are still Mongolia's strengths, along with the age old traditional herding culture and Nomadic lifestyle, to be seen throughout this vast country. This amazing lifestyle of nomads with their flocks of camels, sheep and cashmere goats herded on horseback, from the times of Genghis Khan, is disappearing fast as families become more settled. The capital Ulaanbaatar is undergoing major changes and offers visitors a taste of city life in contrast to the wide open spaces. The guide reviews new hotels and restaurants which are popping up as business is booming. "Mongolia" provides all the information you'll need to arrange an unforgettable stay with Mongolian nomads, enjoying the centuries-old lifestyle of a traditional ger.


'An impressive guidebook - clear, comprehensive and very readable.' John Durham, Former British Ambassador to Mongolia

'A great read for arm-chair enthusiasts, packed with facts and advice from the author.' Traveller

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Bradt Mongolia

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Bradt Travel Guides

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Travel Guides


Bradt Travel Guides


Bradt Travel Guides


Bradt Travel Guides




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December 2014



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