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Bamboo Palace

Bestselling author Christopher Kremmer takes readers on a gripping odyssey to a remote Laos prison camp and the tragic final days of Vietnamese royal family.

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In the dying days of the Vietnam War, a royal family is rounded up and flown by helicopter to a remote prison camp. Behind the bamboo curtain erected by victorious communist guerillas, the tragic final days of an Asian king and his dynasty will play out.

Bestselling author of the Carpet Wars, Christopher Kremmer takes readers on a gripping odyssey to Indochina's heart of darkness, the remote prison camp where the Kingdom of the Million Elephants and the White Parasol finally ends.

Part travelogue, part mystery, Bamboo Palace reveals the only known eye-witness account of the final solution carried out in the jungles of northern Laos.

'Thrilling ... a marvellous gift for the well-turned phrase' - Michael Smithies, The Nation

'Now this is what I call a travel book' - Dianne Dempsey, The Age

Book Title

Bamboo Palace


HarperCollins Publishers


HarperCollins – Australia


History, Travel Writing




197mm x 129mm

Date Published

February 2008



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