A comprehensive guide to Norway

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RG Norway - A comprehensive guide to NorwayWith its rearing mountains and deep, blue-black fjords, Norway remains a wilderness outpost in a tamed and crowded continent. Everything here is on the grand scale with the country boasting some of Europe’s harshest and most beautiful land-and seascapes, whose vastness is merely pinpricked by a clutch of likeable cities. From the Skagerrak – the choppy channel that separates the country form Denmark – Norway stretches north in a long and slender band, its wild coastline battered and buffeted by the Atlantic as it rolls up into the Arctic. Behind this rough coast are spectacular mountain ranges, harsh upland plateaus, rippling glaciers, thick forests and mighty fjords of surpassing beauty – an exhilarating landscape begging to be explored by car, boat or bike, on skis or even husky-drawn sled. For many visitors, the sheer size of Norway comes as a real surprise and for many more, with the exception of Oslo, Bergen and the famous fjords, the rest of the country might as well be a blank on the map. Yet it’s out of the cities and off the major roads that you’ll experience Norway at its most magical: great stretches of serene, postcard-perfect vistas where it is at times possible to travel for hours without spying a single soul. (Introduction, The Rough Guide to Norway)

Whether you plan on staying in a lighthouse, spotting polar bears in Svalbard’s frozen expanse, or riding through dramatic scenery on the Flam railway, the extensively researched Rough Guide to Norway has all the advice you’ll need.

Inside this book:

INTRODUCTION – What to see, what not to miss, author highlights and more – everything you need to get started

BASICS – Pre-departure tips and practical information

THE GUIDE – Comprehensive, in-depth guide to Norway, with area highlights and full-colour maps throughout

CONTEXTS – History, legends and folklore, Viking customs, wildlife and cinema, plus recommended books and a useful language section